Hair Extensions

Ever wonder how celebrity’s hair can grow at an alarming rate? One minute their hair is cut into a short bob the next they are sporting long flowing locks. Well the secret is Hair extensions celebrities can’t get enough of Rapunzel-length locks.

How it works…

To get the best results, you must make sure your hair is coloured or highlighted before you have extensions put in. First you must have your hair matched for colour with the correct extensions, which is easy for us to do all we need you to do is pop in and see us, we will take a strand sample and get your Hair extensions within 24hrs.

While washing your hair prior to having extensions put in, do not use any conditioners, oil treatments or serums, as this can prevent keratin from bonding to your hair and cause them to slip. The day you get your extensions done, make sure your hair is freshly washed and blow dried nice and straight don’t worry if not we will do this for you.

There are two systems we offer here at David James hair studio.

  • Micro Beads, sometimes called Micro Links, are little silicone or metal beads clamped onto the hair, strand by strand. Micro Beads can be removed by unclipping the bead or link on top of the strand of hair.

  • Micro weft sew in, we plait a very tiny plait to your scalp then sew in the extension.

Because we only use 100% natural Human hair you can colour , cut and use heat to style any way you wish. You will need a special wide-bristle brush to avoid shedding.

Hair extensions can last anything from 2-5 months. Since extensions are not growing from the root they are starved of oil from the scalp so to keep them looking healthy it’s necessary to apply a conditioning treatment or serum at least once a week.